The castle consisted of two enclosures and a wide moat that is still visible, although quite blinded. There are hardly any remains of the outer enclosure and the partially preserved interior has a square plan with cubes in the corners and a tribute tower, also square, and in the center of one of the sides, crowned by a beautiful continuous matacán.

Villalonso was during the Middle Ages a place shared by several lords such as the Benavides family and the Order of Alcántara standing out as the main owner. This castle is a typical and notable example of the s. XV. In the XV century Juan de Ulloa and his wife María de Sarmiento acquired the castle. This family defended the Portuguese cause of Juana la Beltraneja against the Catholic Monarchs, this caused them to lose the castle and several of its villas. Later Juan de Ulloa's son allied himself with the community members and was sentenced to death by Carlos V, but he was freed by handing over a sum of money.

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Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
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Villalonso. Zamora.

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