The castle consisted of two enclosures and a wide moat still visible although mostly covered up.The outside enclosure has not been preserved. The interior one has been partially preserves. It is square and has cubes in the corners and a Tower of Homage, also square, in the centre of one of the sides, topped with a beautiful running crenellation.

In the Middle Ages Villalonso was a town shared by several lords, such as the Benavides family. One of the most illustrious lord was the Order of Calatrava. The castle is a typical and notable example of 15th-century architecture; its construction may be attributed to Juan de Ulloa and his wife María de Sarmiento, whose coats of arms can be seen above the entrance gate. It played an important role during the siege of the queen Isabel the Catholic on Toro during her war against Juan 'La Beltraneja' and during the comunero rebelion against Carlos V.

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Castillo / Fortaleza / Atalaya
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