The castle s similar to the tower of Laguna de Negrillos, since both were erected by the same persons, Diego Fernández de Quiñones and his wife María de Toledo (of the Casa de los Luna).

It has some loopholes for the artillery, round masonry cubes protected by balconies in the fronts.The first document on the building dates from 1205, on occasion of the granting of village status by Alfonso IX.In 1496 the Catholic Monarchs confiscated the fortress from Diego de Quiñones, because the latter abused the servant of the bishop of Astorga. The following year, once the conflict with the bishop had been solved, the Catholic Monarchs returned the castle.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
Predominant styles:


Villanueva de Jamuz (Santa Elena de Jamuz). 24762 León.

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