It is located in Tagarrosa, from the middle X century. A magnificent Mozarab tower stands out for its building of sharp-cornered masonry with ashlar and with a pyramidal trunk shape, which could be one of the most important remains of civil architecture of that time.

In 1572, Felipe II sold the estate to Fernan Lopez del Campo and started to build, next to Cascajares’s gate, a house. For this purpose he gathered a big amount of iron, bars, wood, stone and lime. Remains of this house could be the Palace of Tagarrosa. In 1589 the king ordered to seize his property, among which were a palace and a fortified mansion that was demolished at the end of the XVIII century to use its materials in the construction of the parish church. Of that, the tower of Tagarrosa stayed as a memory.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Tagarrosa (Melgar de Fernamental). 09100 Burgos.

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