In the charm of the Sedano Valley, in the center, is Gredilla de Sedano, a place where the family of the Bocanegra, of Italian origin, chose to remain in the XIV century, although it is not until 1641 when they built their Palace or House of the Bocanegra. The housing has the aspect of a tower by its strength and height, even though it does not keep all features of this. It has a square floor with a courtyard in which there is a gateway with the coat of arms of the family.

It was built with masonry; the openings are enclosed with ashlar. With a hipped roof, this barely protrudes from the line traced by the walls, and relies on a simple frame. It is another example of the charm of the houses that were intended to be a show of power.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Gredilla de Sedano (Valle de Sedano). 09142 Burgos.

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