Tower of the province of Burgos located between the basins of Cadagua and the Ordunte, at the foot of the hill of Santa Olaya, and in front of the Tower de Santa Maria. Here, the fortress of the Marquis is raised, located in the middle of a meadow, excelling even two bodies. The oldest has a zone of entrance on which an lancet arch is preserved, and a large window over it and four putlog holes, and not only is this gap, but also remains of even outgoing beams on which is supposed there was a balcony, as well as other access at the East side. The second body is better preserved, with very similar characteristics.

Both bodies are what remain of a large fortress which has still two sets as a sign of his greatness.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Concejero (Valle de Mena). 09587 Burgos.

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