Gijano is located in the privileged place of the Mena Valley where there is also an old and fortified tower, built by Fenan Ortiz de Ortes on a high, burned or thrown down as a predecessor of which still remains, the Gijano Tower, built in a more peaceful place.

The Tower of the Ortes de Velasco. Small fort which currently looks different from its origins, but that is still conserved almost square floor and thick walls of masonry with ashlar corners. Its door retains the original arch of great ornamental keystones. In addition on the West side it keeps two narrow or small windows and some corbels.

It is a small fort with the splendour of its great walls and the memory of a great history.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Gijano (Valle de Mena). 09585 Burgos.

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