The Tower of Ribacardo is located in the municipality of Villanueva La lastra. Out of the urban center and close to it, we find the Casa Torre, which was used as a dwelling, silos and place of defense, a good example of place to live safely. Both, palace and tower have thick masonry walls. There are numerous openings in all its walls, some dating from the beginning of the fortification and other later, as well as some of them has been closed. The loopholes, opened a short distance from the ground, offer singularity.

The slenderness of the tower distinguishes it in the distance, building opening to the Southeast. It is held by a hipped roof that covered the fortress. Still in good condition, we can clearly see the importance of this building for the rich people who enjoyed it.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Villanueva la Lastra (Villarcayo de Merindad de Castilla la Vieja). 09592 Burgos.

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