If we think about a strategic place near the Queiles River, we find Agreda, a key site since the Middle Ages, a point of convergence between the kingdoms of Castilla, Navarra and Aragon. A rich place due to the mix of cultures: Arab, Jewish and Christian. Lovely land and with royal privileges, the kings of Castilla always spoiled to keep it faithful.

The Arabs built towers and walls that persist today and Christian did civic and religious buildings. Of the buildings, walls and towers remain. The ‘Rollo Castle’ is a Christian fortress that consists of a tower of square floor, which joins the wall. The Jewish and Christian join together form a very important defensive core in Agreda. Many changes have emerged in this city but the Rollo tower remains despite the past of time telling us what was a place defended and valued.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Ágreda. 42100 Soria.

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