We are in front of a building built by Abd-ar-Rahman III, a defensive tower, one more developed by this strategist, who anticipated the attacks of the Christian rulers building numerous fortresses, castles and watchtowers. This governor built and repaired buildings for defensive purposes. The Tower of Trevago and others of similar characteristics, in Berber style, built in the first half of the IX century are among their latest buildings. The invaders of Berber origin were already Islamized, but nevertheless they do not stop marking in buildings its signs of identity.

Of square floor and sixteen meters in height, it has three floors held with wooden beams embedded in putlog holes, without arches and Arabic tiles. A tower part of a set in its surroundings communicated and attached for the defense. It is now part of the parish church of the town.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Trévago. 42113 Soria.

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