The castle of Ucero and its surroundings, with 2.3 hectares of surface, make up an archaeological site in which remains from various periods, from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, are superimposed.

The construction represents an example of unusual architecture due to its proportions and balance, a beautiful setting (at the entrance to the Cañón del Río Lobos Natural Park), the elaborate defense techniques and especially its slender tower.

The set consisted of a triple walled enclosure protected by a moat. The castle plan adapts to the shape of the rocky spur on which it sits. Currently, the most notable remains are the walls of the rooms that delimited the parade ground, the keep, and the cistern.

The roof of the tower is a pointed vault that has remains of paintings and is supported by modillions decorated with heads and characters. In the key of this vault there is an agnus dei, figure of a lamb that some scholars fit within the Templar symbolism.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
Historical Period:
Iron Age, Middle Ages


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