The town of Rello has one of the best preserved walled areas in the province. It maintains the crenellated coronation in a large part of its perimeter and two access doors to the enclosure, one of them restored, with machicolations and coat of arms. The wall (15th century with modifications in the 16th) sits on a molar in the manner of Medinaceli, Calatañazor and Peñalcázar. Decorative sentry boxes, elbow gates, towers and gunboats were added to the original canvas.

Remains of the keep and a cistern are preserved from the castle. It can be dated at s. Although some historians point to its existence as early as the eleventh century. There is also another tower next to the river that served to collect water safely in case of siege.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
Historical Period:
Middle Ages


Rello. 42368 Soria.

Telephone: 975 183 625


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Municipality of Rello. Soria.

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