Magnificent castle, located in the urban area of Yanguas, built in rammed earth according to Muslim tradition techniques. It conserves, although deteriorated, its entire interior enclosure of almost square plan flanked by four turrets, the one with the widest base is the Torre del Homenaje.

There are still three faces of its outer enclosure, also of rammed earth and the access cover to one of them. A masonry door is the only vestige that persists of the walled fence of the Villa. It was practically destroyed by the Napoleonic troops during the siege of Yanguas in the War of Independence.

The parade ground is currently used for all kinds of cultural events. The Homage Tower houses an exhibition of reproductions of medieval documents from the town's Historical Archive with explanatory texts.

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Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Plaza Prado Castillo, 1. Yanguas. 42172 Soria.

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