The Castle of Fuensaldaña belongs to the so-called School of Valladolid, created in the second half of the fifteenth century, with a series of buildings that are characterized by having a square floor and, above all, by a large tower of homage. It begins to be built in the thirteenth century, but its current appearance dates from the s. XV, when the castle is the stately home of the Nursery. Of square plant, it owns circular towers in the corners, and in one of its linen cloths, a great rectangular homage tower, that in plant excels inside the courtyard of arms.

It has had various palatial uses and was also the seat of the Cortes of Castilla y León. Today, with a comprehensive reform, both in the continent and in the content, the visitor will find a perfect harmony between the historical and the technological, with a modern exhibition line that will embrace the interesting and magical world of castles.


C/ Del Agua, s/n. Fuensaldaña. 47194 Valladolid.

Teléfono: 983 427 174


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Tourist Office of Fuensaldaña


Castillo de Fuensaldaña, C/ del Agua, s/n. Fuensaldaña. 47194 Valladolid.

Telephone: 983 090 903


Tourist Office of Valladolid


Pabellón de Cristal. Acera de Recoletos, s/n. Valladolid. 47004 Valladolid.

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