It is a new space dedicated to the construction style that marks the constructions of Arévalo and the region, which is located in the Plaza de la Villa, between the churches of Santa María and S. Martín.

The site was the home of the writer Nicasio H. Luquero and in an interesting tour of all its corners, we presented all aspects of the style and its connection to this territory.


Plaza de la Villa, 18. Arévalo. 05200 Ávila.

Telephone: 920 301 808


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Oficina de Turismo of Arévalo


C/ Arco del Alcocer, s/n. Arévalo. 05200 Ávila.

Teléfono: 920 301 380 / 920 302 524 (Ayuntamiento)

Fax: 920 300 852


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Tourist Office Regional of Ávila


Casa de las Carnicerías. C/ San Segundo, 17. Ávila. 05001 Ávila.

Telephone: 920 211 387

Fax: 920 253 717


Opening hours

  • Tuesday to friday: 11h – 14h
  • Saturday: 11h – 14h and 16:30h – 18:30h
  • Sunday: 11h – 14h
  • Closed: monday



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