The Classroom is the result of 30 years of hard work and dedication to the dissemination of traditional music. It has a large collection of Traditional Musical Instruments of Spain and Portugal, organized according to the sound source into four major families, the Idiophones, String instruments, wind instruments and Membranophones.

The Museum pursues six key objectives: Restore and maintain those Traditional Musical Instruments whose use is gradually subsiding. Periodically disseminate our rich Musical and Oral Tradition. Disseminate Traditional Music and Culture from around the World. Arrange the meeting between Traditional Musicians. Promote learning about the construction of instruments, and make discover all audiences the pleasure of the dances of our elders.


C/ La Alegría, 4. Mucientes. 47194 Valladolid.

Telephone: 983 587 640



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Oficina de Turismo of Valladolid


Pabellón de Cristal. Acera de Recoletos, s/n. Valladolid. 47004 Valladolid.

Teléfono: 983 219 310

Fax: 983 217 860



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Tourist Office of Mucientes


C/ Atrio de la Iglesia s/n. Mucientes. 47194 Valladolid.

Telephone: 983 587 709



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  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: book visit in advance


  • General: 4 €
  • Groups: 3 €

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