The Fiesta a Bacchus is a historical re-enactment festival based on the Roman world, with which the Roman Site of Santa Cruz is valued, where the mosaic dedicated to the God Bacchus is found.

The Party takes place in the urban area of the town. In it we will find an artisan market in whose stalls we will see trades such as the forge, basketry, stone carving, pottery ... And also taverns in which to taste products of the area accompanied with a good wine from the Ribera del Duero.

It should be noted the food that we share about 650 people during which we enjoy a bacchanalia show. We will also be able to witness theater performances, legions parade, gladiatorial fights, raptors, participate in the Baco Race, etc.

General information

General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
The weekend after August 15-16.
Kind of Festivity:


Baños de Valdearados. Burgos.

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