Is one of the great attractions of the village of Benavente, in the province of Zamora. The event, which is more than 300 years old, takes place during the celebrations of Corpus Christi, but has its prelude 51 days before the start of the festival.

They usually last for a week, although the big day is the Wednesday before the Corpus Christi festival. On this day, a long rope attached to its antlers is placed on the horn and the waiters run holding on to the rope. The club performs a spectacular race from the bullpen, preceded by the roar of three pumps or chetes that previously announce the event. During these festivals, the peñas, brass bands and festivals contribute to creating a great show of music and color.

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General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
Eve of the Corpus Christi


Benavente. 49600 Zamora.

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AYUNTAMIENTO VIEJO Plaza Mayor, s/n. Benavente. 49600 Zamora.

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