The statue of the Virgin of La Concepción, patron saint of the municipality (since the 18th century), is kept in the chapel of the same name situated on a hilltop some 2 km outside the town. The route to the chapel is marked by a stone cross dating back to approximately 1771 and which a number of specialists consider to be the finest in the province of Valladolid.

The ‘Bajada’ is held on 30th November, when the Virgin is brought down from the chapel to the parish of Los Santos Juanes, where a Novena is held. The procession known as the ‘Subida’, whereby the Virgin is returned to her chapel, takes place nine days later, on 8th December.

Fiestas de la Inmaculada Concepción "Virgen de los Pegotes" - Cartel 2023

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General information:
National Tourist Interest
Del 30 de noviembre al 8 de diciembre


Nava del Rey. 47500 Valladolid.

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