The International Descent of the River Pisuerga and the Palencian Canoe Festival was initiated in 1965 and is a competition in its category considered second only to the descent of the River Sella. A real spectacle that takes place in natural surroundings, and the course finishes at Alar del Rey.

The start of the course is in Olleros de Pisuerga, from where the canoeists descend for 17 kilometres through numerous rapids and the five dams: those of Mave, Becerril, Nogales, la Fábrica de Campos and el Soto.

Descenso Internacional del Pisuerga y Fiesta Palentina de las Piraguas 2023

General information

General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
Second Sunday of august


Alar del Rey. 34480 Palencia.

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