The festivity has an obliged and predominant reference to Santa Teresa de Jesus, buried in the enclosed convent of Alba de Tormes, founded by herself, that keeps relics of the Saint, some of which goes in religious procession.

The origins of the event are eminently religious and go back to 1582, date of her death, and 1614, date of her beatification and later canonization. Alba de Tormes made a Vow, validated in 1801, considering the Saint as the ‘Patron Saint and Advocate’ of the municipality, committing the municipality to celebrate the event.

The procession of Santa Teresa is thus, the emblematic act of this event.

General information

General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
From the 14th to the 22th of october
Kind of Festivity:
Patron saint's day


Alba de Tormes. 37800 Salamanca.

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