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Arte, Cultura y Patrimonio

The Way of Saint James

The way par excellence, the best known

Provinces of Burgos, León and Palencia
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The Way of St. James or the Pilgrim's Way, as well known, was declared the first European Route of Cultural Interest by the Council of Europe in 1987. In addition, the route is considered World Heritage[...]

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La Portela de Valcarce

In the narrow valley of ‘Valcarce’ the name of this population can be understand on the way to Santiago. Portela, which means ‘Gap’ in Spanish and by extension ‘narrow passage’ in Galician. His original name was ‘Portela de Vallecarceris’ and it was under the administration of the Monasterio de Carracedo.

Moreover, in this village you can find the Portela Blacksmith's.

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