Ampudia is one of the most beautiful towns in the Palencia Tierra de Campos. Its vernacular architecture, its impressive castle, a jewel of the civil architecture of the area, in a perfect state of preservation, are some of its predominant features. The Colegiata de San Miguel, popularly known as the Giralda de Campos, adds to the overall beauty of the municipality, which was declared a Historic and Artistic Site in 1956, due to its breathtaking charm.

Ampudia stands in Tierra de Campos, within a landscape dominated by an ocean of cereal fields, whose horizontality is only broken by the typical Castilian pigeon lofts, which had a very important impact on the economy of the region in their time.

Ampudia has survived the ravages of time and today serves as a living memory of times gone by. Its typical Castilian houses are made of adobe and have two storeys with cool arcades to stroll or shelter from the sun in the hot Castilian summers. But the jewel of the town is its castle, the Castillo de Ampudia, which has been well preserved and may be visited.