The municipality of Astudillo opens up like a history or an art book before the eyes of the traveller who passes through this town, half way between the region of Tierra de Campos and that of Cerrato. A town that has in its centre such an impressive display of monuments that it has been declared a Historic and Artistic Site.

The town winds around a maze of irregular streets, typical of a medieval town, built above arched passageways and underground bodegas with their barrel vaults. It is calculated that approximately three quarters of Astudillo is mined with these bodegas, the numerous air vents and pipes of which give away their location on the surface.

The advantageous geographical position of the region has meant that towns have always flourished here, from the first inhabitants of the Meseta up to the Vacceo people. The Romans also inhabited this town as is shown by the archaeological excavations of El Moro, where mosaics from the Lower Roman Empire have been found.