The town of Becerril de Campos, in the North East of the province of Palencia, has deserved to be catalogued as a Historic and Artistic Site for the artistic wealth and monuments it preserves. Located in the heart of the natural region of Tierra de Campos, this villa keeps the flavour and characteristics typical of the area. The town is bordered by the Ramal de Campos, a branch of the Canal de Castilla, one of the main routes of interest in Castilla y León, and in Spring becomes an explosion of colour and profuse vegetation.

Taking a short detour of 15 kilometres on the route to Palencia one reaches this town; it doesn't only offer the attraction of being part of one of the great tourist routes of Castilla y León (the Canal de Castilla), but also includes a spectacular monumental complex.

Although the city thrived during the Middle Ages while it belonged to the Casa de Lara, signs have been found which date its origins back to Roman times. The most significant proof was the discovery of two Roman busts from the 2nd century B.C., now displayed in the Museo Provincial de Palencia.