Bembibre is located in the Bierzo region, in the Boeza River Valley (main tributary of the Sil), a valley called Bierzo Alto.

The word of Latin origin is "bene vivere" (well to live) qualifies the conditions of its soil, the goodness of its climate, and its good geographical situation for trade, as it communicates the plateau with Galicia through the Bercian basin. Its economy was always based on agriculture, until the arrival of the railway and the rise of coal mining changed its way of life.

Its hamlet sits on a hill at whose southern end are the remains of a ruined castle, (which the locals call El Palacio), belonging to the counts of Alba de Liste, lords of the town since the 15th century. The houses of the population, with typical walls of stone and mud and covered with slate, are located in narrow streets, with an irregular layout and uniform paving in some of them. Street among which you can visit the Church of San Pedro Apóstol (former Jewish synagogue), with a Romanesque doorway from the 12th century and the Sanctuary of Santo Ecce Homo, neoclassical in style, the most representative monument of Bembibre; which together with their natural environment constitute a wonderful tourist attraction.