Briviesca is the capital of La Bureba, one of the most beautiful regions in the province of Burgos which Azorin called "the heart of the land of Burgos" and which, due to its urban layout, is known as "la bien trazada" (the well planned one). While walking its medieval streets, the traveller discovers real treasures from a past that refuses to disappear.

The Villa of Briviesca, located in the North West of the province of Burgos, was declared a Historic and Artistic Site in 1983. Not only does its artistic wealth and historic value offer a pleasant walk to those visiting the town, but the region of Bureba also boasts outstanding natural scenery, such as the canyon of Pancorbo or the Obarense mountains, bringing together culture and nature in this area of Burgos.

If we take the Plaza Mayor as a starting point for a tour around this villa, we can appreciate at first sight the urban layout of the town. And there is no doubt that the town is an example of order; its streets were built with the same consistency as its manor houses, many of which still have coats-of-arms on their facades.

In the church of the Convent of Santa Clara, the 16th century Mannerist-Romanist altarpiece stands out, carved in walnut wood, measures 24 meters high, mostly made by the Gipuzkoan sculptor Juan de Anchieta, one of the main Romanist sculptors from Spain. The Santa Clara altarpiece is unique in its kind and as it is preserved without polychrome it is possible to observe the flawless finish of its sculpture. It is a true jewel of the Spanish Renaissance