It is the village of the fountains and a temple dedicated to water. 70 kilometers southwest of Salamanca and just ten minutes from Béjar, Candelario, nestled in the natural space of the same name, is one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Salamanca and boasts curious popular architecture. The houses have wide stone walls, typical of mountainous places, large galleries with wooden balconies to cure the sausages of the slaughter. Not forgetting the entrance gates to the houses that protect from the rigors of winter, the heavy snowfalls and, in the past, the slaughterers used them to protect themselves from the attacks of the cattle before sacrificing them.

A complex network of crystalline water channels woven like a spider web, runs through the streets of the town, redirecting the thaw from the snowfields of the mountains throughout the year. These channels, called watering cans, dazzle us with the rumbling sound of the water descending.

It is also a delight to taste, thanks to its exquisite gastronomy, where the sausage stands out.