In the region of Valdivia. Close to the beautiful Protected Landscape and Natural Monument of Las Tuerces, and within one of the most unique geological and natural landscapes, the Unesco Las Loras World Geopark, the first declared in all of Castilla y León. Nestled in this beautiful town in the Palentina Mountain, it is surrounded by a privileged setting that invites you to enjoy places of beautiful nature such as the reservoirs, the surroundings of Covalagua or the Cueva de Los Franceses among others, in addition to the numerous Romanesque buildings of the surroundings, which are the largest concentration in all of Europe.

The population is dispersed in three neighborhoods, which in its day were up to seven. In its urban area you can see excellent emblazoned houses and noble towers, among which the Torrona, an imposing baroque-style fort construction, and the Casa de las Postas, a masonry construction whose windows and balconies are adorned with pilasters, stand out. Also noteworthy are arches adorned with shields of lineage. At the top, the parish church of San Adrián stands out, a Renaissance temple from the 16th century, with a nearby medieval necropolis. And two hermitages, San Pedro and Santa María. In short, a beautiful Historic Site among nature.