Castrillo de los Polvazares is one of the most beautiful villages in the León Maragatería region. The village, with its cobbled streets and noble houses, has been declared a Historic and Artistic Site and preserves all its vernacular architecture. The red stone and clay of its house fronts are in contrast with the lively colours of the doors and windows: blue, green and white. The Calle Real is the backbone and main street of the village.

It is commonly regarded as the most beautiful example of vernacular architecture in the Maragatería region. It was formerly inhabited by carriers, who made their living by transporting goods from the Meseta to Northern Spain, and vice versa. Their horse-drawn carts used to carry wheat and other cereals to Galicia and Cantabria, where they purchased fish to be sold around Castilla.

Besides wonderful vernacular architecture, Castrillo de los Polvazares, the home of the famous cocido maragato, boasts a delicious cuisine. The cocido, together with the popular traditions and the preservation of the typical local costumes and the vernacular architecture have contributed to create the general, timeless atmosphere of the village.

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