Castrojeriz rises proudly at the foot of its castle. The hillock it stands on was the site of the original village and a fortified settlement of which only some parts of the wall have been preserved. Today the town attracts visitors due to the vestiges of its artistic and historic past and because of its location along the Camino de Santiago.

This Burgos municipality is an important spot along the Camino de Santiago, offering pilgrims some rest and important historic and artistic landmarks. The bustle of the pilgrims mixes with the hospitality of the locals, who come out to meet them at the village's Calle Real.

The first thing that surprises visitors when entering the town is the important castle standing on the hillock. Originally built as a Roman fortress, a mute witness to the wars and conflicts that infested the Middle Ages, and finally destroyed by the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. From the top of the fortress, visitors may enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the area, including all the monuments.