Coca lies in the Tierra de Pinares region, in the space between the convergence of the rivers Eresma and Voltoya. The land is scattered with vegetable fields and poplar woods. However, the stone and Pyrenean pines are the most common species of trees, and the latter was the driving force of the local economy for many years.

A land of Moors and Christians, it was conquered by Almanzor and later by Alphonse VI, who in 1086 founded the town and region of Coca, which included 17 villages and was surrounded by a vast wall. In the 14th century the town was made up of seven parishes, including San Nicolás and Santa María.

Work began on Coca Castle in 1453, under the orders of Alphonse I of Fonesca, whose family is buried in Renaissance tombs in the Church of Santa María la Mayor. A place boasting a fabulous historical legacy that is well worth discovering.