Standing on the banks of the River Arlanza in Burgos, Covarrubias is divided into three districts: the first is situated in the ancient walled quarter, stretching down as far as the river; the second is located on the opposite bank; and the third at the highest point of the municipality.

Highlights include the squares and historic quarter, with many sites of interest including the squares of Doña Sancha, Doña Urraca, Rey Chindasvinto and Obispo Peña. The houses are made from wood, mud and stone in the traditional style of Castile’s mountain towns and villages. Other traditional features include the covered overhanging balconies. There are also fine examples of religious architecture, such as the churches of San Cosme and San Damián, which have been declared Assets of Cultural Interest, whilst the Tower of Doña Urraca is also a Historic Monument. This is a delightfully picturesque town steeped in history.