Since 1976, the town of Dueñas, situated in the province of Palencia, has been considered a Historic and Artistic Site thanks to its vast monumental wealth, its urban layout and rich history. It stands on the Castilla Canal and forms part of one of Castilla y León’s most breathtaking and fascinating tourist routes.

Dueñas stands proudly on a hilltop overlooking the grassy plains of the Carrión and Pisuerga rivers, forming one of the region’s most spectacular settings, on the boundary between El Cerrato and Tierra de Campos. Its churches, the Monastery of La Trapa and numerous archaeological discoveries are proof of the historical importance of this monumental site.

The origins of this town date back to the Early Iron Age. In fact, in a settlement known as Picocastro, close to the Palencia Hills and just above the Castilla Canal, numerous remains have been discovered dating back to this time, indicating that it was once the site of a farming and livestock settlement.