In Zamora where the Tormes meets the Duero, there is Fermoselle, a strategic enclave through which the Romans, Visigoths and Arabs have passed. One of the best exploited areas of Castilla.

Little remains of its historical wall, even with the gate of the villa. Of the Castle of Doña Urraca, there are hardly any remains. Today it is a viewpoint easily accessible from the Plaza Mayor where you can get beautiful views of the Arribes del Duero.

Promenade town between narrow and steep streets, with houses popular among the landscape of which they are a natural part. Town of squares, Churches such as Santa Coloma and Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. Hermitages such as that of Our Lady of Mercy (San Albin); the hermitage of la Soledad and the hermitage of Santo Cristo del Pino (Santa Cruz), of Visigothic and Mozarabic factory, ideal starting point for walking access to the splendid Mirador de las Escaleras, from where the views over the natural park, and the Convent San Francisco, which today houses the House of the Arribes del Duero Natural Park. Streets with suggestive and cobbled corners, where semicircular arches open the door to their cellars. Place of history, wine and landscape.