Fuentes de Nava is one of the most picturesque towns that can be found in Ramal de Campos along the Canal de Castilla. An area in which the typical landscape of Tierra de Campos blends in with the exuberant vegetation on the banks of the canal and the moisture of the Laguna de la Nava. Alongside this landscape there are a cluster of buildings that have since 1983 been considered a Historic and Artistic Site.

Although the origin of the name is uncertain - there are various theories - it seems that it is due to the fountains that still exist in the streets of the town. It is a town that is made noteworthy by the contrasts that it offers, on one side is the Canal de Castilla, then there is the natural habitat that it belongs to and lastly the moisture of the Laguna de la Nava.

A walk through the streets of Fuentes de Nava will show the visitor the local architecture that consists of houses with arches built with adobe: mud, water and straw. Adobe is a material particular to the whole region best appreciated in the pigeon lofts that still exist in this area.