Medina de Rioseco, declared a Historic and Artistic Site in 1965, is a monumental town located in the Tierra de Campos. The Ramal de Campos of the Canal de Castilla ends at its very feet. The canal was one of the most impressive hydraulic engineering works of Modern Times in Spain, and has become one of the most popular tourist routes of Castilla y León.

A monumental complex inside a town, the very"noble and loyal" Medina de Rioseco, which preserves the flavour of the rich medieval town it once was, a town that, back in the 16th century, was commonly known as "Little India", since its economic prosperity was such that it was compared with all the riches that, at that time, were being brought from The Indies (America).

Medina de Rioseco, more than 200 kilometres away from the ocean, used to be the headquarters of the Admirals of Castile. Alfonso Enriquez granted this status in 1424. Under him, the town held fairs and a market in the 15th and 16th centuries, the town's economic and artistic heyday.