A series of small towns huddled together seeking refuge from the harsh weather conditions. Towns and villages scattered around the valley, blending into their surroundings. Pesquera lies at the widening of the River Ebro in a cool valley that remains verdant throughout the year. It is situated in Sedano Valley, which in the Middle Ages marked the boundary between the Moorish and Christian kingdoms.

The first written evidence of Pesquera dates back to the year 941, when it was known as Piscaria. Reference is made to the churches of Los Santos Justos, Pastor and Saturnino, which today lie at the heart of the town. Visitors will find the entire town and surrounding area of great interest, and will enjoy exploring the streets and squares that lead off from the Chapel of San Antonio, as well as the church and atrium on Calle de los Giles. A series of streets and traditional constructions that is well worth discovering.