Poza de la Sal lies in the north of the province of Burgos, in the area known as Balcón ’ balcony ’ of La Bureba. It is surrounded by uneven rocky lands and limestone crests, scattered with hardy woodland that survives in even the harshest and most exposed spots.

A noteworthy feature in this setting is the Poza Diapir, one of the most spectacular geomorphologic phenomena in the entire province

Declared a historic site, Los Rojas Castle, one of Burgos’ most authentic fortresses, perches on one of these inaccessible rocks. Poza de la Sal received a new lease of life thanks to the repopulation carried out by Hernán González and the reign of Alphonse VII.

The town centre is made up of two main areas ’ the walled section and the district of San Place. At the heart of the town, the new square joins the old, forming a large space and meeting point.