Riaza is situated next to the river from which it takes its name, on the north side of the Ayllón Massif. The principal town in this mountain range, it is renowned for its sources of water and springs - Nevera, Chorrito and El Escorial, as well as the irrigation channels that carried the water from the mountains to the towns.

Situated on Segovia’s transhumance route, this was once an important centre for livestock and shearing. Fulling mills, carding and dyeing houses provided many residents with a source of income from the 15th century onwards.

Ferdinand IV encouraged the repopulation of the town by authorizing a weekly market, held on Mondays. Sites of architectural interest include the colonnaded 18th century square, and the Renaissance Church of Nuestra Señora del Manto. Also worthy of mention is the 17th century Chapel of Hontanares, offering stunning views of El Lobo Peak and La Pinilla ski resort. A quaint town with authentic medieval charm.