Rueda nestles between two hills, south of the Duero, on the banks of the River Zapardiel in the fertile wine-making region known as ‘Tierra del Vino’. Emperor Theodosius himself is believed to have planted the first vines, and Alphonse XIII, King of Asturias and León founded the community of Rueda, whilst Philip IV declared it a town, separating it from Medina.

The prosperity the town enjoyed during the 18th century is reflected in the noble houses, the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, the Headquarters of the Civil Guard and the Town Hall. The main street lies at the heart of the municipality, where the aforementioned church is also located, together with the Chapel of El Santo Cristo. Mention must also be made of the grandeur of several of the houses, whose austere beauty can be admired during a stroll around the streets.

A town with a rich culture of wine waiting to be discovered.