The town of Sahagún lies in the middle of Tierra de Campos, between the rivers Esla and Valderaduey, and represents a key spot on the Camino de Santiago as it crosses the province of León. Full of historical tradition, the town surprises visitors with its impressively beautiful monuments, mostly made of brick and in the Mudejar style.

Today Sahagún is a crossroads where urban development blends with the historical and artistic past: the arch of triumph, the Torre del Reloj, the monuments and religious edifices are just an example of how important this town is.

The tour of Sahagún starts by browsing through its history, so as to find out how it all began. Tradition has it that the origin of the town is connected to the martyrdom of the brothers Facundo and Primitivo in Roman times. The saints were tortured due to their Christian beliefs on the bank of the river Cea, and their bodies were collected by the neighbours downstream and subsequently buried. Since then, people started to venerate them. Soon after a chapel was built on the sepulchre site, which later would become a monastery.