The Duero has made Soria a land of riverbanks, lined to the south-west by vineyards, dovecotes and forever associated with the feats of El Cid. In the riverside town of San Esteban de Gormaz, the houses huddle at the foot of his fortress.

The municipality boasts Castile’s first porticoed church, the Church of San Miguel, a fine example of Romanesque art dating back to the times of the Christian repopulation. The town is rich in medieval history, and Romanesque architecture stands shoulder to shoulder with traditional Moorish elements. Likewise, the decoration of the Church of Santa María del Rivero reveals the triumph of Christianity over Islam.

The first Courts of Castile were held in San Esteban in 1187. The town’s period of greatest splendor came in the late 13th century, when it had four parishes and two monasteries situated close to the town. This is indeed a town boasting a rich history.