This town, named after its famous monastery ’ Santo Domingo de Silos ’ nestles between the Carazo and Cervera rocks in the River Mataviejas valley. This site was first settled in the 7th century, and in the 10th century, following the repopulation, its monastery became one of the most important in all Castile, thanks to the protection granted by Count Fernán González, following the town’s support in the fight against Almanzor.

The monastery flourished under the abbacy of Saint Dominic of Silos, bringing great prosperity to the town, which was named after its principal benefactor.

Santo Domingo, whose fortunes have always been closely linked to the monastery, became the principal town in the merindad ’ an administrative subdivision of a Spanish province, accumulating immense power in the highly religious Castile of the Middle Ages. The town boasts remains of the 13th century walls and monastic homes, as well as one of the finest collections of musical instruments in Spain. A place that instills visitors with a great sense of peace.