Sasamón, the old Roman town of Segisama, stands today as one of the most impressive Historic and Artistic Sites in northwestern Burgos. The Roman heritage lives on together with the remains of Renaissance and Medieval architecture and some modern constructions, all of which make this town a must-see spot along the route through the Burgos flatlands.

The town of Sasamón, declared a historic-artistic complex in 1982 and published in 2020, welcomes visitors from a small hill on which it sits, in the heart of the Burgos moorland, west of the province of Burgos.

This town has succeeded in preserving its history of over 2,000 years. It is surprising how the remnants of different cultures have lived together over the centuries around the cathedral-like church of Santa María la Real, one of the most beautiful manifestations of Gothic architecture in the province and the second largest church next to the cathedral, located in the province's capital.