Sandwiched between the hills of Somosierra and La Picota, in the province of Segovia, Sepulveda find, Villa Medieval showing its beauty on high. Meeting place of several watercourses, its breathtaking landscape define the Río Duratón river that runs in its ocher and reddish canyon walls.

The medieval town of Sepúlveda was in his day, the "Villa of the Seven Gates", by giving way through the fortified wall and castle (which currently only three towers that can be seen from the square are preserved).

Among its riches, now stands the old prison from the tourist office, located in the Plaza del Trigo, across from City Hall and a few meters the Plaza of Spain, center of the town, in which front the three towers of the castle are appreciated (now the last remnants thereof), and the old log building. El Salvador, Romanesque church (eleventh century), considered the oldest in the province of Segovia and south of the Duero Romanesque building. The Barbican Street, one of the best preserved paintings from the wall, and where traditional confinements pass. Sepulveda, villa of renowned palaces and stately homes to let discover its beautiful promenade and visit. You can also visit the Villa Museum of the Jurisdictions, located in the ancient Church of San Justo and Pastor.