Huddled on the slope of El Mariscal Hill, it overlooks the stunning landscape of the Sierra de Francia mountain range, with notable peaks such as La Mina, El Pendón, Cabezarrasa and La Cabezuela, and the Grande, Valdelatienda and Cavadilla valleys. These lands are bathed by the rivers of Francia and San Benito, in what has to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful settings in the area.

The parish church stands behind a row of oak trees. It was here that the image of the patron saint, the Virgin of El Robledo, was discovered. Other noteworthy statues include the Moza Santa and Simón Vela, who in turn discovered the statue of the Virgen Moreno on Francia Crag, on which her chapel stands.

Its rich heritage includes the layout of the streets, the emblazoned houses, pens and wineries that jealously guard the secrets of its mountain wines. Sequeros also boasts modest numbers of olive and fruit trees. In short, this is a source of natural wealth.