Támara de Campos is a beautiful village located in the province of Palencia. It contains a dazzling number of important monuments. As monumental as unknown, the village witnessed the creation of the Comunidad de Castilla y León after the signing of the Paz de Támara in 1037. It has been declared a Historic and Artistic Site.

The cathedral-like Iglesia de San Hipólito, the remains of the wall and the medieval urban design will greatly surprise visitors venturing into this wonderful village in the province of Palencia.

Támara de Campos is located in the Palencia county of Tierra de Campos, some 30 kilometres away from the capital and just four kilometres away from Boadilla del Camino and seven from Frómista, all of the important stops along the Camino de Santiago as it crosses the province of Palencia, one of the most attractive tourist routes in Castilla y León.

Tamara de Campos. Iglesia de San Hipolito y Arquitectura popular