In a land rich in diversity, crossed from east to west by the River Duero, situated on a terrace overlooking the plains, this area is rich in woods and vineyards.

The bridge and walled enclosure were built at this crossroads during the Middle Ages. The parishes were located inside the walls, with the churches standing on the main thoroughfares. In the centre of the town we find the square, a place of entertainments performed before the king. The magnificent bridge over the River Duero has no fewer than ten pointed arches and a crenellated tower in the centre.

The court moved to this site following the construction of the Mudejar royal palace. The signing of the ‘Treaty of Tordesillas’ in 1494, and its strategic location on the road to Portugal, brought many noble figures to this place. Tordesillas is rich in historical monuments, such as the churches of Santa María, San Pedro, San Juan and San Antolín, the Convent of Santa Clara and the houses of the aforementioned Treaty.