Included in the domains of the County of Treviño, it forms part of Burgos and is located in the province of Álava. A county made up of many tiny municipalities, including Puebla de Arganzón, Laño, Cucho and Treviño, which together form a delightful landscape of hollows, hills and ridges, scattered with woods of yew, beech and Pyrenean oak trees.

During the Middle Ages it stood at the crossroads leading from Álava to El Campezo Valley, Navarra and La Rioja. Founded in 1161 by Sancho the Wise, it would form part of the domains of kings and nobles alike. Since the 12th century and the reign of Alphonse VIII, it has formed part of the Kingdom of Castile.

The palace that was once home to the lords of these lands still stands in the town centre and one of the wings houses Condado de Treviño’s town hall. The Church of San Pedro with its outstanding Baroque tower is situated in the centre of the main square. The town was declared a Historic Site in 1982.