Situated in the province of Valladolid, Urueña boasts superb views of the Castilian plateau. During the Middle Ages it was of vital strategic importance due to its location on the border between Castile and León.

In 1154 Sancha afforded protection for the capital of the region from the Appanage of Valladolid from the capital town of Urueña, occupying the castle and protecting it by building a defense wall. In the 12th century cautionary measures meant that the area surrounding the walls was greater than that of the houses themselves.

Access to the town was via two gates: Azogue and the Town Gate with its pointed arch. The turret was the tallest in these imposing fortifications. Inside the walls the houses are simple, and the streets wide enough for people and carts to pass by. A place that still conserves the memory and culture of its past.